Moved to https://github.com/xriss/gamecake

Build Status bleeding binaries at https://drone.io/bitbucket.org/xixs/lua/files

This is the collection of Lua libraries and their dependencies that are
built into the gamecake and pagecake engine .

C++ code/dependencies are avoided if at all possible but some
still remains.

Unless noted otherwise the snapshots of public libraries will be
unmodified except to contain a premake4.lua build control file in their
directory and the occasional build/bug/tweak patch.

The bin dir (expected to be checked out side by side with this repo)
is a testbed containing pre-built binaries and lua scripts. This is
the final output of this build and is then shared with other,
projects. This directory must exist when building as it contains Lua
source which is packaged into the output executable.

I know a little bit confusing that lua is full of C code and bin is
full of Lua code but that's how things are.

To perform a normal build try the following.

sudo ./apt-gets  # install all build dependencies
./make           # build using gcc, see below for more options
sudo ./install   # copy into /usr/local/bin/gamecake

After which gamecake will now be a valid command :)

The following commands should build everything under ubuntu/debian
assuming you have a build environment setup, you will need to install
some dev packages such as opengl. Hopefully all the bits you need can
be installed by running ./apt-gets first. Note I have switched to clang
so make sure you have that installed. gcc/make will also probably work
but is not tested as often.


For windows I've switched to a mingwin cross compile. This assumes
you have my sdks repo checked out side by side to this lua one.
There are update or build scripts in the sdks repo that should be
run to grab all sorts of horrible sdk and build files.


Build for raspi using a cross-compiler that is built in sdks, you will
need to build the cross compiler first.


NaCl build using the sdk found in sdks so will not work if you have
not populated that first.


Emscripten build using the sdk found in sdks so will not work if you have
not populated that first.


Build for android, uses the ndk found in sdks and you need to bake a
lua project into the source. IE it spits out an apk file that can be
installed onto anandroid device, this apk must contain everything
needed to run an app.


Before running make you will need to import a project using

android/bake projectdir

For example any of the directories in gamecakejam can be built on
android this way.

We also have an nginx target which bakes all the lua goodies into
nginx. This can be seen serving such websites as
http://gamecake.4lfa.com/ It is built automatically alongside the
main build on linux systems.

All the above scripts just call premake and premake does of course also
support other build tools as output targets but these are the ones I use
and test and you can assume are working.

If you are very very lucky then the linux and windows/wine binaries
found under bin will simply work and there will be no need to build
anything. These binaries actually have all of the lua scripts
found in bin/lua baked into them so are "standalone" binary blobs.

Just grab the appropriate binary from there and this engine is ready
to go.