Please add support for Gelbooru Beta 0.1.11 boards

Issue #2 resolved
Former user created an issue

Nice program, potential to be best booru scraper around by far. Love the sleek ui so far.

One of the major problems I've encountered is that it seems 90% of established boorus are running Gelbooru Beta 0.1.11 and this is not supported. (That is a LOT of images that are just out of reach) Gelbooru 0.2 boards add without an issue, but I haven't found more than 2~3 of them out there...

Thanks again for your hard work

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  1. xkero repo owner

    Can you supply the addresses of the boards?

    Edit: Upon further investigation, it would seem gelbooru 0.1 doesn't have any client api functionality. Unfortunately I'm not interested in implementing support for boards without some sort of api currently. I am willing to accept anyone else's work on this though.

  2. xkero repo owner

    Fixed with v0.4.0's support for sites which are the only image boards running Gelbooru v0.1.11 I can find.

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