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Issue #3 wontfix
janettedoe created an issue

Hi, I recently discovered this project and installed it on Arch Linux, unfortunately I can't access this site: because of a blank referrer problem. (here's a link where I found the answer to the problem: Can this problem be fixed or is it possible to have more options when addwing a website (some websites restrict the number of tags that can be used if you don't have a account).

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  1. xkero repo owner

    Hi thank you very much for reporting this issue, but I'm sorry to say I probably won't be fixing this for two reasons.

    1. If the site implements stuff like this to prevent hot linking they probably don't want people using external clients either.
    2. Due to technical reasons this would be non-trivial to fix if possible.

    Explanation for point 2: Chrome doesn't allow setting the referrer or user-agent header for XmlHttpRequests. I believe a chrome extension/app can set the referrer (but not the user-agent) header and Zenbooru already uses an extension to workaround another issue. But having to ferry image downloads to an extension/app and back would be very difficult to implement (at least without all manner of race conditions, other bugs and refactoring). So I'd rather not invest that much effort into something that could upset the generous people that maintain/finance those boards.

    That said, if someone else is willing to I'll accept their patches.

    P.S. Nice to know someone other than me is using the PKGBUILD :P.

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