FluidTYPO3 Vagrant

What it does?

Create a Debian based Virtualbox VM and install TYPO3 and a few helper tools.


This setup is only for local test setup. TrustedHostPattern is a wildcard. Also this project is in a early state and you need to fill a issue report.


  1. Checkout the repo, edit Vagrantfile facters.
  2. Take a look in Configuration.yaml
  3. vagrant up
  4. Domain is
  5. Have fun :)


Codesniffer example

phpcs -n --standard=FluidTYPO3 --extensions=php /var/www/typo3conf/ext/builder


  • Linux, Mac are tested
  • For installation Internet connection with enough broadband
  • We only test with the provider Virtualbox


TYPO3 - User: admin - Password/Installtool: password

MySQL - User: root - Password: password

Database typo3 - User: typo3 - Password: password

Mail - User: development - Password: password

Vagrant shell - User: vagrant - Password: vagrant


Use a Firefox or Chrome extension to active debug or profiler

phpStorm/IDEA remote listener

Activate in PhpStorm/IDEA ´´´Start Listening for PHP Debug Connections´´´ and turn the debug option in browser addon on. Define a breakpoint and reload the page.

Webgrind profiler

Activate the profiler function of the addon. Instead of a browser-extension ?XDEBUG_PROFILE as GET parameter is also possible.


Do we support Windows as host?

  • We only support the slow Virtualbox shared folder or NFS under Windows with winnfsd plugin. For SMB take a look in Manual. We can"t test under windows and feedback is welcome.

Initial download volume?

  • First time 420 MB for cache vagrant box and 150 MB each complete vagrant up

Build time

  • Depends on a lot of factors. HDD speed, connection speed<br /> vagrant up ~7min 30sec (install/start VM + first provision 360 sec)<br /> vagrant provision ~60 seconds

Encrypted disk

  • NFS does not support encrypted host storage as mount.


  • Puppet Vscrepo is patched to allow depth with a branch option
  • Puppet MySQL module is patched to allow Debian MariaDB