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.torrent files filter should be used with directories

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 	if nospaces:
 		new_torrent_path=new_torrent_path.replace(" ", "_")
 	os.rename(torrentpath, torrent_name)
+def filter_torrents(fileslist):
+	"""
+	filters files list <based on extension .torrent>
+	fileslist: list of files 
+	"""
+	_filter_func=lambda x : "torrent" in x
+	return filter(_filter_func, fileslist)
 def rename_directory_of_torrentfiles(dirpath, nospaces=True):
-	for f in dirlist:
+	torrent_files=filter_torrents(dirlist)
+	for f in torrent_files:
 		rename_torrentfile(f, nospaces)
 def console():
 	if len(sys.argv)>0:
 		#first check if the argv[1:] is a files or dirs list or exit()
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