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added jj/kill-other-buffers()

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 (defun jj/delete-buffer-file()
 	"Deletes both current buffer and the file it's vistiting."
-	(let ((file(buffer-file-name)))
+	(let ((file (buffer-file-name)))
 		(when file
 			(if(vc-backend file)
 				 (vc-delete-file file)
 					 (message "Deleted file %s" file)
+(defun jj/kill-other-buffers()
+	"kill buried buffers, except for the special buffers."
+	(interactive)
+  (dolist (buffer (buffer-list))
+    (unless (or (eql buffer (current-buffer)) (not (buffer-file-name buffer)))
+      (kill-buffer buffer))))
 ;; Copied from Miguel de Icaza's config.
 (defun jj/swap-window()
   "swaps windows place"
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