Juan Fuentes committed 757e647

Fixed typos
Added start-or-switch() function, based on prelude-start-or-switch-to().

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 prompt you for a shell command to run and replaces region with
 the results.  This is handy for doing things like getting
 external program locations in scripts and running grep and
-whatnot on a region."
+not on a region."
     (if (equal mark-active nil)
+(defun jj/start-or-switch(func buffer-name)
+  "Call func if there is no buffer with buffer-name, or switch to buffer-name.
+   Don't clobber current buffer."
+  (if (not (get-buffer buffer-name))
+      (progn
+        (split-window-sensibly (selected-window))
+        (other-window 1)
+        (funcall func))
+      (switch-to-buffer-other-window buffer-name)))
 ;; indenting utility functions taken from
 (defun indent-buffer()
   "Indent the currently visited buffer."
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