Juan Fuentes committed a129fd7

Tried the gocode to see what all the fuss is about, no longer using it.

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 ;; trying out a new go-mode.el.
 (defvar *go* (concat (getenv "GOROOT") "/misc/emacs/"))
-(defvar *gocode* (concat (getenv "HOME") "/g/src/"))
+;;(defvar *gocode* (concat (getenv "HOME") "/g/src/"))
 (unless (locate-library "go-mode")
   (if (file-directory-p *go*)
       (setq load-path (cons *go* load-path))))
-(if (file-directory-p *gocode*)
-    (setq load-path (cons *gocode* load-path)))
+;; (if (file-directory-p *gocode*)
+;;     (setq load-path (cons *gocode* load-path)))
-(when (locate-library "go-autocomplete")
-  (require 'go-autocomplete nil t)
-  (add-hook 'go-mode-hook 'auto-complete-mode))
+;; (when (locate-library "go-autocomplete")
+;;   (require 'go-autocomplete nil t)
+;;   (add-hook 'go-mode-hook 'auto-complete-mode))
 (require 'go-mode-load nil t)
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