minux avatar minux committed b317fb6

devdraw: restore compilation on OS X 10.6
Also add some ignored files to .hgignore


Committer: Russ Cox <rsc@swtch.com>;

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 Rob Pike <robpike@gmail.com>
 Russ Cox <rsc@swtch.com>
 Sean McKean <smckean83@gmail.com>
+Shenghou Ma <minux.ma@gmail.com>
 Ties Bos <gitbisector@gmail.com>
 Tim Newsham <tim.newsham@gmail.com>
 Tony Lainson <t.lainson@gmail.com>


 static NSSize
+#if DOSX_VERSION >= 100700
 	if (OSX_VERSION >= 100700 && devdrawretina)
 		return [win.content convertSizeToBacking: winsizepoints()];
 		return winsizepoints();
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