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fix relative path as arg

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 //TODO: send error messages to +Errors instead of Stderr?
+//TODO: keep a list of unfolded  dirs
+// because it will be faster to go through that list and find the right parent for a file when constructing the fullpath, than going recursively up
 func main() {
 	flag.Usage = usage
 	case 0:
 		root, _ = os.Getwd()
 	case 1:
-		root = args[0]
+		temp := path.Clean(args[0])
+		if temp[0] != '/' {
+			cwd, _ := os.Getwd()
+			root = path.Join(cwd, temp)
+		} else {
+			root = temp
+		}
 	depth, line := getDepth(b)
 	fullpath := path.Join(root, getParents(charaddr, depth, 1), line)
-	fmt.Fprintf(os.Stdout, fullpath+"\n")
+	fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, fullpath+"\n")
 func events() <-chan string {
 	go func() {
 		for e := range w.EventChan() {
 			switch e.C2 {
-			case 'x': // execute in body
+			case 'x': // execute in tag
 				switch string(e.Text) {
 				case "Del":
-			case 'X': // execute in tag
+			case 'X': // execute in body
 				c <- ("X" + fmt.Sprint(e.OrigQ0))
 			case 'l': // button 3 in tag
 				// let the plumber deal with it
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