XNAT data load testing

These scripts can be used to send a large number of imaging sessions to an XNAT server, testing the ability of the server to generate new subjects and sessions on the fly.


  1. Make sure your XNAT server is up and running.
  2. Create the destination project on your XNAT server with auto-archive enabled. The default project is TEST, but you can override this with command-line options when you actually invoke the script.
  3. Run the script from the folder in which it's stored: ./


The script accepts the following parameters:

  • -host=HOST specifies the address of the XNAT server. Defaults to localhost.
  • -ae=AETITLE specifies the AE title for the DICOM SCP receiver. Defaults to XNAT.
  • -port=PORT specifies the port for the DICOM SCP receiver. Defaults to 8104.
  • -project=PROJECT specifies the destination project for incoming DICOM sessions. Defaults to TEST.
  • -prefix=PREFIX specifies the prefix for generated subject labels. Defaults to test.
  • -attempts=N specifies the number of attempts to send DICOM sessions to the XNAT server. Defaults to unlimited (requires manually terminating test by pressing Ctrl-C).
  • -wait=WAIT specifies how long to wait between send attempts. Defaults to 20s.