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Add facility to read playlists in addition to existing direct stream URLs. See forum/Feature Requests

Most stations publish their radio stream as an .m3u or .pls playlist' This has the advantage that they can control changes of the direct streaming URL without it affecting the user. They can also put multiple items in the playlist to cater for downed servers etc. This would result in a more stable and reliable service. These playlists are also more widely published than direct streaming URLs.

I think the playlist option (.m3u and.pls) should be additional to the existing stream URL for forward compatibility.

Validating the playlist should be simple if any valid stream is found (it will usually be the first) it passes verification. It only fails if no valid stream is found. I see no need to validate all streams (indeed beneficial as one may fail). Some playlists have only a single entry but some have many (I have seen as many as 30).

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  1. Paul Clark


    WOW it certainly might.

    Have not used plugins before so I will have a good read and try it out.

    Posted a comment on the stream to check latest version.

    I will then try it with audio and Internet Radio stations.


    PS No issues with 1.9.1

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