MediaBrowser search problems under "Audio/Online Sources".

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Issue #1053 open
Paul Clark created an issue

There are three issues with MediaBrowser search under "Audio/Online Sources".

  1. It is not displaying all the hits. (A searched for "Jazz" and it displayed only 12 hits when there were over twenty). Same with other searches.

  2. There is a problem with the matching as a seach for "classical" wrongly matched with "classic" (resulting in including classic blues and classic rock).

  3. The search is not restricted to the section you are in i.e. if you search from within Audio/Online Sources it produces results from Albums, Tracks, etc. (that are not in Online Sources in addition to the Online Sources). These results might have been valid if the search was at a higher level.

see Forum/Serviio Support & Help

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  1. Petr Nejedly repo owner
    • removed version

    1 - There is a limit of 12 per search results category, so that's expected. In your example, you should probably use the Genres category, rather than search.

    2 - can you give an example screenshot? It should order results based on score, so if there is a 100% match for classical, it should show it first.

    3 - that is by design and expected.

  2. Paul Clark reporter

    Surprised this was closed as it improves MediaBrowser functionality and accuracy.

    1. If the limit cannot be increased - suggest a "More" option.
    2. Example screen shot showing mis-match when many matching (at least 26 matching "classical").
    3. Suggest making search context-sensitive to the level search is activated.

    Also suggest 4. Reducing size of thumbnails as even 12 do not fully appear on the browser page.

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