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Issue #1084 resolved
Vladimir Novakovic created an issue

Hello Petr,

I'm using Synology DS1517+ DSM 6.2-23739 Update 2 with Serviio PRO v 1.9.2. with BTFS file system. Previously I have used also FreeNAS with ZFS file system.

Both BTFS and ZFS are modern fie systems with possibility to have snapshots on data.

In case of BTFS - it is creating subdirectory in the main folder (calling volume) with name #snapshots that is in read-only mode and accessible only from file system directly. Under Synology even with root permissions is not possible to write in this folder. Attributes are set correctly, owned by root user and it is showing that root can read, write and execute but somehow system is controlling this and not allowing to create .nomedia file even for root user.

As result Serviio is indexing everything under #snapshots subfolder that is not relevant to every day usage and increasing the index for more than 20 times.

It would be great if you can re-work this and give opportunity to add the list of folders to be excluded from the index.

It would be also nice to have possibility to add under index (re-scan) the single folder or only a file - to speed up the process of getting media file available on Serviio.

Kind regards, Vlad

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