user rating unknown even if it has a value in Windows

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Issue #1101 wontfix
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The user rating is always on unknown even if a value has been set in Windows and is seen in Windows Media Player. Therefore, "User Rating" category always returns empty. I'm running 1.10.1 on Windows 10 x64.

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  1. Petr Nejedly repo owner

    User rating, do you mean the rating from 1 to 10? This is normally fetched from the online source DBs.

    Can you post the output of ffmpeg -i for the file?

  2. Pierre Marguelles

    Hello, Thanks for your reply. I'm talking about the rating from 1 to 5 (stars) in windows explorer. I'll the send the ffmpeg -i result today. Thanks.

  3. Pierre Marguelles

    Hello, Here is a capture fom ffmpeg -i from a file that has a rating of 4 stars in Windows explorer. Capture ffmpeg.PNG

    However Exiftool on teh same file will return a correct value of 75 (which is 4/5 stars) for the tag Shared User Rating. exiftool.PNG

  4. Pierre Marguelles

    hello again. I've tested with a wmv file and I get a different result. ffmpeg correctly sees the user rating as shown on the screen cap. Unfortunately, nothing show up in serviio as the media browser still shows "Unknown". I think this could justify re-opening the bug. Capture wmv.PNG

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