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The requirement is to "easily" support and display high resolution artwork and ensure user configuration is retained over software updates. (Existing DLNA standard resolution option would remain untouched.)

It is presently feasible to display high-quality high resolution artwork from Serviio but is difficult to understand and implement for some users. As a result the topic reappears periodically in the Serviio Forum - see also earlier thread viewtopic.php?f=5&t=24212 Many users it seems do not realise that they can improve/display their artwork properly which is a great shame.

The change request is to simplify this task and ensure it carries over across updates, including:- - a new permanent Serviio Generic HD profile - an option to customise the size for HD thumbnails (if HD profile selected) in the Serviio console - an option to force the generation of the higher resolution artwork for existing files (if necessary).

Any other points anyone? It would be useful to establish if the HD option works with all the other profiles - I have not encountered any issues. Should the "Serviio Generic HD profile" become the default so Serviio users get high quality artwork out of the box?

See Feature Request topic

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