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Dan created an issue

Older versions of Serviio correctly displayed “Doctor Who (1963)” as a different TV series from “Doctor Who (2005)”. I can’t say when it changed, but now the older series is contained within the same title as the new series. That’s going to be a problem if I ever have the same seasons of the old and new series. At this time it’s not an issue, but if I ever get some of the older series it might be.

Originally I had the folders name as shown above, with the year different for each folder. When I noticed the merging of the two series, I added the IMDB tag to the original series folder name (tt0056751) and to the newer series folder (tt0436992). Still shows a single Series title.

In both folder naming conventions, the Internet metadata is still being received correctly, so it’s recognizing the accurate version of the series.

Serviio version is 2.2.3, which isn’t available in the dropdown list.

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  1. Dan reporter

    I see #1164 addressed the same issue, and you report a resolution in version 2.3. Do you have a deployment date yet for that version of Serviio? Will it require anything other than the title and year in the folder name to ensure they are detected as two different series?

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