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Issue #351 resolved
Former user created an issue

Add Gson (Google Json) support to Serviio restlet app.

I tried other Json lib, and Gson is currently the best : - Jackson is slower - Jettison is buggy...

Restlet doesn't offer Gson Rest extension, so i had to make this one.

See the source in the attached zip file.

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  1. Petr Nejedly repo owner

    The Gson extension, shall I the include it as a jar or will you give me the source to include in Serviio as an internal class?

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Restlet engine find extension dynamically in jars. It may work as internal class but it's better if it is in another jar (like the Xstream extension). Gson extension is not related to Serviio, and I don't think you'll ever need to change its source. If you still want to check out, ask me.

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