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Issue #352 wontfix
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Ajax web console. See attached dist (jar) and source (zip). Main class : org.serviio.restui.RestletProxy Dependencies : freemarker.jar, org.restlet.jar, log*.jar

URLs : => default server language => french => english

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  1. Petr Nejedly repo owner

    Hi, I'd prefer if you were the maintainer of this code - as a separate project. Similar to the PhP UI. You can host it on an open source hosting server with you/other people managing that. I don't have the capacity to look after it.

    If you agree I'll close this ticket. Good job!

  2. Paul York

    How about a compromise solution? Create a standard directory into which folks can stick any web pages they want. Calls to http://<serviiohost:port>/html/<whatever> act just like calls to any dumb web server and serve up the html/css/js whatever that is stored therein. This way anyone can create "plug-in" web consoles that can be added directly to Serviio without requiring the installation of a separate web server. Gets you out of the business of web page maintenance and is both faster and more secure than creating some "standard" plug-in framework that might support something like freemarker.

  3. Petr Nejedly repo owner
    • removed version

    I'd have to distribute Apache, PHP etc, which is a no-go. In this case it's be doable, just distributing the static pages but as I won't be looking after it I couldn't guarantee it works 100% - therefore I prefer if people go and download it as a separate app. Obviously we can give it a proper exposure on the web site.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    My goal was to offer a web UI which :

    • can work on its own,
    • can be embedded in Serviio,
    • will work on headless server,
    • wihout needing to install other stuff (PHP, JSP, etc).

    It's more a proof of concept than anything. Furthermore I don't know if I will have time to look after it either.

  5. Petr Nejedly repo owner

    more the reason to publish it somewhere on an open-source hosting service so that someone else can do future development in a controlled manner

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