Add subtitles support to online plugins

Issue #536 new
Petr Nejedly repo owner created an issue

might need to transform different subtitle types to srt

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  1. OLIVE

    Does Serviio support srt subtitles now? I tried with my DS213 and Panasonic TV, movies play but no srt subtitle displayed. I know my NAS cannot afford transcoding but is it possible to show external srt subtitles without transcoding?

  2. Petr Nejedly reporter

    It does, I think it works for Panasonic too (for most file types), but this ticket is bout online sources, which is not implemented yet.

  3. OLIVE

    I cannot make it work. I have external srt subtitles with same name of movie, but my L42E6 still says no subtitle. Does it need special format or encoding?

  4. OLIVE

    I posted on but there is no reply for 3 days. Anyway, my latest test is, the same movie and subtitle (in UTF8), plays well on USB key, but not via Serviio. Movie plays but it says 'No subtitle'. Is there sth. in Serviio to set?

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