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Presently special characters in a file name are ignored when searching online metadata databases. Proposal is to improve online metadata matching by allowing special characters (".", "-" and others - whatever is being ignored now) to be included in the search where these characters:

  • Appear before (to the left of) the season/episode designator for TV shows
  • Appear before (to the left of) the year designator for Movies

eg. a filename

  • ".hack s01e01 - Pilot.mkv" would include the "." in the search, searching for a show matching ".hack". Note the stuff after the "-" would be ignored as is currently the case as this special character appears after the season designator.

  • "X-Men Days of Future Past (2014).mkv" would include the "-." in the search, searching for a movie matching "X-Men Days of Future Past"

Note the second example probably already works with the current system but I'm sure there will examples that don't. I just think if you're going to do it may as well address movies as well as series.

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  1. Petr Nejedly repo owner

    It will then break case like

    • The.Name.Of.The.Show.S01E01.avi
    • The.Movie.2013.avi

    Not sure what is the better solution. If I implement this it'll break a lot of names for people who currently use Serviio.

  2. DenyAll reporter

    Yes. One solution is to do a two-pass search, one without the "." and one with; but I think that may slow Serviio library updates too much.

    A different approach then - the thing I like about #668 is that it gives a definitive method to resolve movie names for those otherwise hard to match movies. Could we do something similar for TV shows, either

    • based on the the imdb id (exactly as as you do for movies) using the GetSeriesByRemoteID interface in thetvdb api. This will then be consistent with what you do for movies, eg tt0361140 matches ".hack" series which was the issue in forum post referenced above (all my searches in imdb suggest there is an imdb id for all series, so this method should be OK)

    • based on the show ID, eg: My TV Show S01E04 [id77526].mp4 - would match Star Trek - The Original Series ( Show ID: 77526).

    or both approaches if you are keen :-)

    Like for movies, this approach wont be used for the majority of cases, but will give users who cannot match by any other means a way to do so. If the ID tag could appear in the folder name (not sure if that is the case with #668) this would make it easier as well (the user could just add the tag to the folder rather than each episode file name).

  3. Petr Nejedly repo owner

    implemnetd the IMDB ID version for now. Syntax is the same as for movies (the ID can be in the folder name (series name) or the episode file name)

  4. DenyAll reporter

    Thanks Petr. This should assist for those series that cannot otherwise be matched. Changed the title to reflect different direction taken.

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