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Issue #931 resolved
Petr Nejedly repo owner created an issue

To enable support for multiple users, this needs to happen:

  • must support both, DLNA and CDS (via authToken)
  • need a default, non removable, Anonymous user
  • DLNA devices will get assigned to Users (not Access groups)
  • Users will get assigned an Access group
  • some browsing categories need to be updated to per-user (last viewed, last unwatched, favourite series) - and maybe show the username in the category title?
  • storing the last viewed position (Samsung) must be per user
  • needs changes to the Console (user management) and MB (login user name, authToken updates, show logged in user)
  • update Alexa login / auth service
  • decide what to do with intergarted services (trakt)
  • potentilly support a schedule per user (server will be unavailable otherwise)
  • potentially use movie ratings as a limiting factor as well
  • see #834 for other tips

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  1. loixiyo y au

    Won't this be implemented in 1.10? That was a great feature, I was happy because it was included in the next release :-(

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