haskell-unittyped / README.md

UnitTyped is a Haskell library for type-safe calculations on numbers with units.

It comes with all SI units and a large number of units derived from them, but it also makes it very easy to add new dimensions and units. It can give new definitions of *, /, +, -, ==, <, <=, > and >= to make notation as natural as possible. To define a new unit, only the multiplication factor and a string to display it is required. From just that, all other conversions can be inferred.

While it uses a large number of Haskell extensions, all units and dimensions are empty datatypes, so should not be a burden at runtime.


    *Main> 1 *| meter |+| 35 *| centi meter
    1.35 m

coerce can be used to change from one unit to a different unit in the same dimension:

    *Main> 120 *| kilo meter |/| hour |*| 20 *| minute `as` mile
    24.854847689493358 mile

See the wiki for more complicated examples.

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