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Okay, maybe this needs to be done manually instead.

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 local bit = require "bit32";
 local st = require "util.stanza";
 local portmanager = require "core.portmanager";
-local s2sout = module:require("s2sout");
+local initialize_filters = require "util.filters".initialize;
 -- Configuration, todo: actual configuration
 local proxy_ip = "";
 		session.socks5_handler = nil;
 		session.socks5_buffer = nil;
-		s2sout.initiate_connection(hosts[conn.from_host].s2sout[conn.to_host]);
+		initialize_filters(session);
+		session.openstream = function ()
+			session.sends2s(st.stanza("stream:stream", {
+				xmlns='jabber:server', ["xmlns:db"]='jabber:server:dialback',
+				["xmlns:stream"]='',
+				from=from, to=to, version='1.0', ["xml:lang"]='en'}):top_tag());
+		end
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