Alexander Schremmer avatar Alexander Schremmer committed 7d8fc85

Fix options/automatic_money_foo.

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 TLS = local()
-def make_false():
-    return False
 class Condition(PristineCondition):
     def __getstate__(self):
         return True
             for player in self.players:
+                for optionkey, optionvalue in self.player_option_defaults.items():
+                    player.options[optionkey] = optionvalue
         while True:
             yield Checkpoint(self)
             self.round += 1
         self.kicked_by = None
         self.turn_cleanups = []
         self.duration_cards = [] # duration_cards from seaside
-        self.options = defaultdict(make_false)
-        for optionkey, optionvalue in game.player_option_defaults.items():
-            self.options[optionkey] = optionvalue
+        self.options = {}
         self.activated_treasure_cards = None
         self.request_queue = []
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