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Fix oracle a bit.

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             actions = [("discard",   _("Discard the cards")),
                        ("backontop", _("Put the cards back on top of your deck"))]
-            answer = yield Question(game, any_player, _("What do you want to do?"),
+            answer = yield Question(game, player, _("What do you want to do?"),
             for info_player in game.following_participants(any_player):
                 yield InfoRequest(game, info_player,
-                        _("%(player)s chooses '%(action)s'", {"player":, "action": _(dict(actions)[answer])}), [])
+                        _("%(player)s chooses '%(action)s' for %(playertarget)s", {"player":,
+                            "playertarget":,
+                            "action": _(dict(actions)[answer])}), [])
-            if answer=="discard":
+            if answer == "discard":
-                any_player.deck.extend(drawn)
+                any_player.deck.extend(drawn) # XXX "in an order he chooses!"
 class Scheme(ActionCard):
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