Start unit test for cards and minor card fixes - supply.pop convert to fetch

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  1. Greg Althaus

Fixed bug - needed to return a value

Last one - Undid the overkill, undid the other checking, moved the get_response into the requests to help with testing and validating arguments. Updated the unit tests for it.

Still have a potential overkill in the Cellar class.

Hopefully, the last one - Removed the cmp function and added list class compare in the validation class of the test.

Fix errors for intrique and seaside.

Converted all but one supply.pop calls to fetch_card_from_supply.

Add TestPlayer to enable two new messages at start and end of turn for use by the test system.

Add unit tests for some base cards.

Add server-side validation for parameters on actions and buys. - like must be in hand - must be available to buy - Must be able to afford it.

Refactor tests - they all seem to work now.

Add support for testing that the req choices are the hand of the player.

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