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DTG - Done Tasks Gone

Done Tasks Gone is a task management web application with an offline mode for mobile users.


AGPL v3 or later.

Test site

Go to tasks.alexanderweb.de to try DTG. The username and the password are both test.


  1. Install Python 2.7, virtualenv, mercurial, and pip:

    sudo apt-get install python-pip python-virtualenv mercurial python-dev
  2. Checkout the development version of DTG:

    hg clone https://bitbucket.org/xoraxax/dtg
  3. Change to the newly created directory:

    cd dtg
  4. Create a virtual environment using Python 2.7:

    virtualenv --system-site-packages env
  5. Active the environment:

    . env/bin/activate
  6. Install the dependencies into the virtual environment:

    pip install -r reqs.txt
  7. Edit the file start_dtg.sh to suit your needs. You can get information about options by calling:

    PYTHONPATH=. python2 dtg/main.py -h
  8. Create a new user:

    PYTHONPATH=. python2 dtg/main.py --add-user=admin
  9. Run:

    ./start_dtg.sh &
  10. That's it!