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Done Tasks Gone (DTG)

DTG is the new web-based task manager software with offline mode. Licensed under AGPLv3+.

Optional features

In descending order of likelihood of arrival. You may vote for a feature by adding your name. You need to login to Bitbucket to edit this wiki.

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Workspace Sharing
    • Optionally with changelog
  • Buttons to toggle the selection of all tags (Leibi)
  • Directly assign due date when creating a new task by prefixing due date by @
  • Add buttons to add a default due date (really necessary with @ feature?)
  • Preferences
    • Whether timefiltered tasks without due date should be hidden
    • Date format
    • Timezone
    • Calender week begin weekday
  • Timezone Awareness for nightly jobs
  • iCal Export
  • Sort buttons
  • Search
  • Send better mails with tasks to be done today
    • Add link to website
    • I18N
    • Add a setting about how many days should be included in the mail
    • Correctly set from address
  • Coloured labels
  • Calendar view
  • Command line based scripting (e.g. for mail reception)
  • Default localization settings with geoip
  • Dependencies between tasks
  • Documentation
  • Jabber Bot
  • (L) Contexts on tabs
  • Producteev Import
  • IMAP reworking (deprecated)
    • Subfolders represent filters
    • Moving mails changes context
    • Use twisted and deferreds for web accesses
    • Refresh on seqid changes