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Dash 2 MQTT

Amazon dash 2 MQTT bridge


You will first need to install libpcap in order to sniff for ARP/UD packages:

$ sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev

Then just install the nodejs module dependencies:

$ npm install


Most of these information comes from node-dash-button package. You can check the source here: https://github.com/hortinstein/node-dash-button/blob/master/README.md

First Time Dash Setup

Follow Amazon's instructions to configure your button to send messages when you push them but not actually order anything. When you get a Dash button, Amazon gives you a list of setup instructions to get going. Just follow this list of instructions, but don’t complete the final step (#3 I think) Do not select a product, just exit the app.

Find a Dash

To find a dash on your network, run the following from the node-dash-button directory in node_modules:

# you may need to use sudo due to libpcap running in permiscuous mode
$ cd node_modules/node-dash-button
$ node bin/findbutton

Configure your MQTT mapping

Edit the config.json file and define your own configuration. As you can see the dashes key is a dictionary of dash button MAC with each topic and payload to send.


# you may need to use sudo due to libpcap running in permiscuous mode
$ npm start