JustWifi is a WIFI Manager library for the Arduino Core for ESP8266. The goal of the library is to manage ONLY the WIFI connection (no webserver, no mDNS,...) from code and in a reliable and flexible way.

There are other WIFI managers available. SO how does JustWifi compare to them:

  • WiFiManager is a connection manager with fallback web configuration portal.
  • WiFiMulti is the default multi-network manager that comes with Arduino Core for ESP8266

The table below summarizes the main differences between WiFiManager, WifiMulti and JustWifi:

WiFiManager JustWifi WifiMulti
AP fallback YES YES NO
Configuration portal YES NO NO
Configure networks from code NO YES YES
Custom parameters YES NO NO
Persist confguration YES NO NO
Allow multiple networks NO YES YES
Check the signal strength YES* YES YES
Support static IPs YES YES NO
  • WifiManager filters networks by RSSI, but does not try to connect in order of signal strength


The main features of the JustWifi library are:

  • Configure multiple possible networks
  • Scan wifi networks so it can try to connect to only those available, in order of signal strength
  • Fallback to AP mode
  • Configurable timeout to try to reconnect after AP fallback
  • AP+STA mode
  • Static IP (autoconnect is disabled when using static IP)
  • Single debug/action callback


See examples.