Arduino based light table with capacitive sensors


The table

  • An IKEA LACK table
  • A 550x550mm metracrilate board with holes in the corners
  • A metalic rule and a pencil
  • A tool to cut wood (a cutter might do, a Dremmel eases things a lot)
  • Knots
  • White glossy paint
  • White adhesive paper (optional)

Update: You can also use an IKEA Singlar changing table, it's bigger and it's already ready to add the LED strip and plastic cover.

The electronics

The LED strip

  • A 5 meters 5050 led strip
  • Power supply (9-12V 3A minimum, 2.1x5.5mm barrel plug, center positive)
  • A remote
  • It usually comes with a controller, not necessary for this project but nice to have

For the Arduino(TM) shield and the home made controller version

NOTE: This version is deprectaed, code in this repository might not work with the schematics included in the schema folder for the shield.

  • An Arduino UNO or equivalent board
  • Headers to create a shield
  • 2.1x5.5mm barrel
  • 3 power MOSFETs
  • A 1x4 low profile header to connect the LED strip
  • A 32kHz IR receiver
  • A 100Ohm resistor
  • A 10kOhm resistor
  • A 4.7uF electrolitic capacitor
  • 5 5.7MOhm resistors
  • 5 100pF ceramic capacitors
  • Aluminium foil
  • Colour stickers (black, white, red, green and blue)
  • A 1x5 connection block with screws or a male header to plug the cables

For the PCB version

Please check the .sch and .brd files for Eagle Software in the schema folder This version supports 4 inputs, depending on which ones you want you'll have to supply the corresponding components:

  • IR
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Capacitive touch
  • Parallax ColorPAL


  • A perfboard
  • Solder tools
  • Wires
  • Something to cut the traces of the perfboard (cutter, Dremmel)
  • ...

The code

The project is ready to be build using PlatformIO, please refer to their site on instructions to install it. Once installed you just have to:

> cd code
> platformio run
> platformio run --target upload

Library dependencies are automatically managed via PlatformIO Library Manager.

Supported BT apps