SparkCore HT1632C

Spark Core library for HT1632C based LED dot matrix displays (eg. Sure Electronics).

Based on the Arduino HT1632C library by unknown.


This code is in ALPHA stage. Currently supports:

  • drawing graphic primitives (points, lines, circles,...)
  • drawing single color bitmaps
  • printing chars and texts in fixed positions (no scrolling)
  • RG colors (red, green and orange)
  • 23 different fonts
  • 16 brightness levels
  • Horizontal and vertical scroll

Tested only on 32x16 displays, other geometries might not work.


  • Documentation
  • Tricolor characters
  • Blinking and fading effects


Copy the contents of src and inc folders to the core-firmware folder and build the example code (src/application.cpp).
If you want to add the library to your project, copy the files src/ht1632c.cpp, inc/ht1632c.h and inc/font.h to your project
and change your to instruct the compiler to include the file src/ht1632c.cpp file.