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 # You can set these variables from the command line.
-SPHINXBUILD   = sphinx-build
+SPHINXBUILD   = PYTHONPATH=.. sphinx-build
 PAPER         =
 # Internal variables.


 {% block body %}
-<img src="_images/webhelpers-logo.png" width="100" height="171"
-style="float:left;margin:1em" />
+<img src="_images/webhelpers-logo.png" width="100" height="110" 
+    style="float:left; margin-right:1em" />
+<p>WebHelpers is a collection of utility functions useful in web application
+templates, controller/view code, and non-web applications.  It consists of
+several independent subpackages:</p>
-  <p>WebHelpers is package aimed at providing helper functions for use within
-    web applications.</p>
+<br clear="all" />
-  <p>These functions are intended to ease web development with template languages by removing common view logic and
-encapsulating it in re-usable modules as well as occasionally providing objects for use within controllers to
-assist with common web development paradigms.</p>
+<table style="border:outset">
+    <tr><th>constants</th><td>Countries &amp; states for address forms
+    </td></tr>
+    <tr><th>containers</th><td>Helpers for collections</td></tr>
+    <tr><th>date</th><td>Date/time helpers</td></tr>
+    <tr><th>feedgenerator</th><td>Create RSS or Atom feeds</td></tr>
+    <tr><th>html</th><td>HTML tags and form tags</td></tr>
+    <tr><th>markdown/textile</th><td>Convert
+    wiki-like text to HTML</td></tr>
+    <tr><th>media</th><td>Image files</td></tr>
+    <tr><th>mimehelper</th><td>MIME types</td></tr>
+    <tr><th>misc/util</th><td>Other helpers</td></tr>
+    <tr><th>number</th><td>Formatters and statistics</td></tr>
+    <tr><th>paginate</th><td>Display records a pageful at a time
+    </td></tr>
+    <tr><th>pylonslib</th><td>Helpers for Pylons</td></tr>
+    <tr><th>text</th><td>Text processing</td></tr>
-  <p>For support/question/patches, please use the `Pylons mailing list
-  <>`_.</p>
+<p>WebHelpers is pure Python and has no dependencies.  However, a few
+helpers depend on 
+<a href="">Routes</a>, 
+<a href="">Pylons</a>, 
+<a href="">unidecode</a>, 
+<a href="">WebOb</a>
+as noted in their documentation.  WebHelpers comes with an extensive set of
+unit tests.</p>
-  <p>*Requirements:* Some WebHelper functions require `Routes <>`_ to be active in the
-framework for a variety of functions. Currently `Pylons <>`_, `TurboGears <>`_,
-and `Aquarium <>`_ support Routes.</p>
-  <p>Buzzword Compliance: <em>...</em>, <em>...</em></p>
-  <br clear="all" />
+<p>For support/question/patches, please use the `
+<a href="">Pylons mailing list</a>.</p>
 <h2>New features</h2>
 <div style="font-size:smaller">
-<p>Version 1.0b1 (YYYY-MM-DD)</p>
+<p>Version 1.0b1 (YYYY-MM-DD -- not released yet)</p>
-    <li>Completely new manual</li>
-    <li></li>
+    <li>Documentation rewrite.</li>
+    <li>Many new helpers in <code>html.converters</code>,
+    <code>html.tags</code>, <code></code>, <code>paginate</code>,
+    <code>pylonslib</code>, <code>text</code>.</li>
+    <li>Delete deprecated subpackages: <code>commands</code>,
+    <code>hinclude</code>, <code>htmlgen</code>, <code>pagination</code>,
+    <code>rails</code>. <strong>CAUTION:</strong> if using these helpers, stick
+    to WebHelpers 0.6.4.</li>
+<p>Version 0.6.4 (2008-12-02)
+    <li>Several form helpers have magic ID attribute.</li>
+    <li>Bugfixes in <code></code>.</li>
-  <p>Download <a href="">webhelpers PDF documentation</a>.</p>
+  <p>Download <a href="">WebHelpers PDF documentation</a>.</p>
   <h2>Developers / Source Code</h2>
   <p>WebHelpers' Mercurial repository can be found at
 :mod:`webhelpers` -- WebHelpers module 
+.. image:: webhelpers-logo.png
+   :width: 100
+   :height: 110
+   :align: left
 .. automodule:: webhelpers
+   :members:
+   :undoc-members:
 Module Contents
- ..
-    .. currentmodule:: webhelpers
-    .. autofunction:: request_config
-    .. autoclass:: Mapper
-        :members: connect, create_regs, generate, match, redirect, resource, routematch
-    .. autoclass:: URLGenerator
-    .. autofunction:: url_for
-    .. autofunction:: redirect_to
-    .. currentmodule:: routes.mapper
-    .. autofunction:: strip_slashes
-    .. currentmodule:: routes.middleware
-    .. autoclass:: RoutesMiddleware
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