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Change import.
Initial import.
``Doctype`` and ``xml_declaration`` helpers.
Factor out formatting HTML attributes.
New helper ``update_params`` to update query parameters in a URL.
Move Pylons import into method so that unittests pass.
Rename ``grid_pylons`` module to ``webhelpers.pylonslib.grid``.
Change grid import; break up long lines.
Tighten up init args; break up long lines.
Convert all ' to ".
Move default formatting methods to bottom of class.
Source code cosmetics.
New module ``webhelpers.html.grid`` by Marcin Lulek (Ergo).
Mike Orr
New helper ``js_obfuscate`` implements the old rails helper of the same name.
Mike Orr
Mike Orr
Changes comment.
Mike Orr
Added tag 1.0b2 for changeset 8627f9eac042
Mike Orr
Mike Orr
Unittest to verify XML escaping is being done.
Mike Orr
GeoRSS unittest and changelog.
Mike Orr
Re-add Atom1 'published' property (based on changeset 1f234b039b58).
Sync with Django r11910. This adds GeoRSS and a more extensible API. It loses the 'published', 'generator', and 'source' properties, which were added locally. However, the latter two were disabled earlier because the patch was buggy.
Put grid demo proposal in unfinished directory.
Allow slash in query string in auto_link(). Issue #10; patch by hanula.
Sebastian Hanula
Allow slash characters in auto_link() query string.
Cancel deprecation of ``webhelpers.markdown``.
Mike Orr
Disable 'generator' and 'source' properties; they seem to be defined in the wrong place.
Mike Orr
Delete redundant text.
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