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File public/t/app/views/welcome/_problem.html

-<div class='item'>
-  <strong>$7B is spent yearly on payday loans.</strong>
-  It's big business.
-  After adjusting for control factors, payday loan businesses primarily service
-  those without college degrees, home renters, African Americans and those earning less than $40,000/yr. Namely, the
-  most vulnerable to economic malaise. These payday loans don't typically cover short
-  term expenses (measured in a few weeks);
-  debtors are indebted for five months out of the year on average, and use the loans
-  for recurring expenses, not unexpected gaps in financial stability.
-  <a href=''>Read the full story at the Pew Report.</a>
-<div class='item'>
-  Is there an alternative?
-  <strong>Bitcoin</strong>
-  is an open source peer-to-peer currency.
-  <strong>Coinbase</strong>
-  has zero transaction fees for bitcoin exchange, which stands in stark contrast to the
-  payday loan companies which charge anywhere from 10% - 20% for cashing a check with
-  rolling interest payments that add up to a much larger percentage of the initial loan.
-<div class='item'>
-  Let's crowdsource payday loans using Bitcoin and Coinbase!
-  <strong>Sponsors on SharkBit</strong>
-  make payday loans to people in need, but with the full support of others
-  in the community who offer guarantees of small portions of the loan paid via bitcoin.
-  Sponsors can choose to make the loan only if a certain financial support level has been reached.
-  And, donations come not only with a real financial backing but often additionally with
-  an offer for support to the person in need.
-  <strong>Donors on Sharkbit</strong>
-  make small loans in bitcoin to help guarantee payday loans. Once a loan has been repaid to the sponsor, the bitcoin
-  are returned to the donor. And, in case a payday loan is not repaid, the sponsor is not left with a large
-  financial burden themselves.
-<div class='item'>
-  Become a sponsor to someone and offer them a payday loan contingent on community financial support. Or,
-  loan your bitcoin to guarantee the payday loan.
-  Zero transaction fees mean even tiny donations can add up to real and substantial help.

File public/t/donate.html

     ${{ loan.amount }} requested.
     {{ loan.progress }}% of loan pledged.
     <progressbar value='loan.progress'></progressbar>
+    <small>Donate $10 to help assist with this loan.</small>
     <div ng-bind-html='loan.button_code'></div>
     <small>{{ loan.code }}</small>

File templates/donate.haml

     == ${{ loan.amount }} requested.
     {{ loan.progress }}% of loan pledged.
     %progressbar{ value: 'loan.progress' }
+    %small Donate $10 to help assist with this loan.
     %div{ 'ng-bind-html' => 'loan.button_code' }
     %small {{ loan.code }}