gs /

#!/usr/bin/env perl
# name:      update gentoo
# author:    Xu Xiaodong <>
# license:   GPL
# created:   2011 Apr  3
# modified:  2011 Oct 28

use strict;
use warnings;

use Getopt::Long;

my ( $no_sync, $help ) = (0) x 2;

    'n|no-sync' => \$no_sync,
    'h|help'    => \$help,

die "Usage: $0 [-n] [-h]\n" if $help;

my $update = 'eix-sync';
my @cmds   = (
    'emerge -avuND world',
    'emerge -av --depclean',
    'revdep-rebuild -i',
    'eclean -d distfiles',

my $reval = $no_sync ? 0 : run_cmd($update);

unless ($reval) {
    for my $cmd (@cmds) {

sub run_cmd {
    my ($cmd) = @_;

    system $cmd;
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