Python Module of the Week

PyMOTW is a series of blog posts written by Doug Hellmann. It was started as a way to build the habit of writing something on a regular basis. The focus of the series is building a set of example code for the modules in the Python standard library.

Project Home Page:

Complete documentation for the standard library can be found on the Python web site at http://docs.python.org/.


As new articles are written, they are posted to my blog. Updates are available by RSS and email.

Translations and Other Versions

Ernesto Rico Schmidt provides a Spanish translation that follows the English version posts. Ernesto is in Bolivia, and is translating these examples as a way to contribute to the members of the Bolivian Free Software community who use Python. The full list of articles available in Spanish can be found at http://denklab.org/articles/category/pymotw/, and of course there is an RSS feed.

Gerard Flanagan is working on a "Python compendium" called The Hazel Tree. He is converting a collection of old and new of Python-related reference material into reStructuredText and then building a single searchable repository from the results. I am very pleased to have PyMOTW included with works from authors like Mark Pilgrim, Fredrik Lundh, Andrew Kuchling, and a growing list of others.