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Language-model baseline for pronoun prediction

This is the language model baseline for pronoun prediction, which we first used at the DiscoMT 2015 shared task. This is the version for the WMT 2016 task, which supports multiple languages. Each language has a configuration file (english.yml, french.yml, german.yml) which can be selected by adding "--conf thatfile.yml" to the command line.

For space reason, validation data and language models are not included. Find these at http://data.statmt.org/wmt16/pronoun-task/

Adding a new task / language pair

The whole LM baseline is driven by a produce script that specifies how the original dev data will be transformed into derived data (including evaluation.

In particular: * the baseline script itself will be used to create xyz.src-tgt.N.predictions.txt * based on that, the evaluation script creates an xyz.src-tgt.N.eval.txt

where xyz is the base name, src-tgt is a language pair such as "de-en", and N is the weight adjustment for the None/Other item.

The baseline script in turn is driven by YAML file named src-tgt.yml (for a particular language pair of src and tgt).

In the Yaml file: * all_fillers is a list of fillers that can be predicted as pronouns. These fillers are not words, but sequences of words, which means that the whole value will be a list of lists. * other_fillers is a list of word sequences that contribute towards the score of an OTHER prediction * lm contains the filename of a KenLM (trie) language model * removepos is true if the dev data contains POS tags that are not part of the training sequences that the language model has been trained on.