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+2007-03-20 Till Tantau <>
+	CVS:
+	- Fixed superfluous entry in FILES
+	- Added "open" option in multimedia.sty.
+	- Fixed sound player problem.
+	- Fixed manifest files.
+	- Added handling of professional fonts mtpro2 and lucimatx.
 2007-03-11 Till Tantau <>
 	Version 3.07:

File base/beamerbasefont.sty


File doc/beamerug-animations.tex

     \declare{|once|}. Causes the movie to just stop at the end. This is
     the default.
+    \declare{|open|}. Causes the player to stay open when the movie
+    has finished.
+  \item
     \declare{|palindrome|}. Causes the movie to start playing backwards
     when the end has been reached, and to start playing forward once
     more when the beginning is reached, and so on.

File extensions/multimedia/multimedia.sty

 \define@key{multimedia}{stop}[]{\def\mm@do{/Operation /Stop}}
+\define@key{multimedia}{open}[]{\def\mm@playmode{/Mode /Open}}
         \pdfobj stream 
-        attr {\mm@r\space \mm@c\space \mm@b\space \mm@e\space}
+        attr {/Type /Sound \mm@r\space \mm@c\space \mm@b\space}
         file {#3}%
         \pdfrefobj \pdflastobj%