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Fix incorrect argument count.

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 (library (scheme-bert)
          (export encode)
-         (import (rnrs base) 
-                 (rnrs bytevectors) 
-                 (rnrs lists) 
+         (import (rnrs base)
+                 (rnrs bytevectors)
+                 (rnrs lists)
                  (rnrs hashtables)
                  (rnrs mutable-pairs)
                  (rnrs io ports)
                  (rnrs io simple)
                  (rnrs control)
-                 (rename 
-                  (rnrs arithmetic bitwise) 
+                 (rename
+                  (rnrs arithmetic bitwise)
                   (bitwise-and band)
                   (bitwise-ior bor)
                   (bitwise-arithmetic-shift-left bsl)
                         (- expon ERL_FLOAT_BIAS)))))))
          (define (insert-decimal-exp place s)
-           (let* ((s0 (if (= (string-length s) 1) "0"
-                          (substring s 1)))
+           (let* ((len (string-length s))
+                  (s0 (if (= len 1) "0"
+                          (substring s 1 len)))
                   (e  (if (< place 1) "e-" "e+"))
                   (t (- 20 (string-length s0)))
                   (s1 (if (not (zero? t))
              (for-each (lambda (x) (display #\space) (write x))
-             (error "pregexp-error")))
+             (error "pregexp-error" "OH SHI-")))
          (define pregexp-read-pattern
            (lambda (s i n)
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