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Add Chez Scheme time procedure imports. Specify time type implicitly using symbol (Chez Scheme doesn't have defined variable as other implementations).

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                  (rnrs arithmetic flonums)
                  (rnrs r5rs)
                  (rnrs unicode)
-                 ;; see TODO
-                 (srfi :19)
+                 ;; Either import SRFI 19 or use 
+                 ;; builtin functions (as in Chez Scheme))
+                 ;(srfi :19)
+                 (only (chezscheme) time-nanosecond time-second time? make-time)
          ;; Erlang external term format types
                 (let ((second (+ (* (read-any-raw inp) 1000000) 
                                  (read-any-raw inp)))
                       (nanosecond (* (read-any-raw inp) 1000)))
-                  (make-time time-utc nanosecond second)))
+                  (make-time 'time-utc nanosecond second)))
                ((eq? obj 'dict)
                 (read-dict inp))
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