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legends in plot

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 	nr = netroc.NetReader(trainfile,testfile)
 	if labelList!=None:
 		labels = labelList
+	else:
+		labels = []
 	for scorefile in scorelist:
 		scores = nr.makeScores(scorefile)
 		d = yard.BinaryClassifierData(zip(scores,nr.getLabels()))
 		if (method.upper()=='ROC'):
 			result = yard.PrecisionRecallCurve(d)
 		pylab.plot(map(lambda x:x[0],result.points),map(lambda x:x[1],result.points))
-	pylab.legend()
+		if labelList==None:
+			labels.append(scorefile)
+	pylab.legend(labels)
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