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removing the easy_install installation process -- too much problem with sandboxing violations through easy_install

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 Distribute is only released as a source distribution.
-It can be installed using easy_install or pip, and can be done so with the source
-tarball, the eggs distribution, or by using the ```` script
-provided online.
+It can be installed using pip, and can be done so with the source tarball,
+or by using the ```` script provided online.
 ```` is the simplest and preferred way on all systems.
 Notice this file is also provided in the source release.
-easy_install or pip
 Run easy_install or pip::
-    $ easy_install -U distribute
     $ pip install distribute
-If you want to install the latest dev version, you can also run::
-    $ easy_install -U distribute==dev
-This will get the latest development version at:
 Source installation
 Distribute can be removed like this:
-- run ``easy_install -m Distribute``. This will remove the Distribute reference
-  from ``easy-install.pth``. Otherwise, edit the file and remove it yourself.
 - remove the ``distribute*.egg`` file located in your site-packages directory
 - remove the ``setuptools.pth`` file located in you site-packages directory
 - remove the easy_install script located in you ``sys.prefix/bin`` directory