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Yildiz-Engine module-graphic-ogre.

This is the official repository of the Ogre3D Module, part of the Yildiz-Engine project. The ogre module is an implementation of the graphic-module, based on Ogre3D library.


  • OpenGL rendering.
  • Mesh with animation.
  • Billboard.
  • Animated textures.
  • GLSL support.
  • ...


To build this module, you will need a java 8 JDK, Mingw64, and Maven 3.

Coding Style and other information

Project website: http://www.yildiz-games.be

Issue tracker: https://yildiz.atlassian.net

Wiki: https://yildiz.atlassian.net/wiki

Quality report: https://sonarqube.com/overview?id=be.yildiz-games:module-graphic-ogre


All source code files are licensed under the permissive MIT license (http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT) unless marked differently in a particular folder/file.

Build instructions

Go to your root directory, where you POM file is located.

Then invoke maven

for windows:

mvn clean install -Pnative -Denv=win32

for linux:

mvn clean install -Pnative -Denv=linux64

This will compile the source code, then run the unit tests, and finally build a jar file and DLL/SO for the environment you chose.


In your maven project, add the dependency

for windows:


for linux:



Owner of this repository: Grégory Van den Borre