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Tarashish Mishra  committed 3b6e022

generate a support directory to be used by GAE and standalone, don't use jinja2 from GAE env

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 	@pylint --disable-msg=W0142,W0511,W0612,W0613,C0103,C0111,C0302,C0321,C0322 --disable-msg-cat=R MoinMoin
-# Automate creation of the GAE support archive from a virtualenv site-packages directory
+# Automate creation of the support archive from a virtualenv site-packages directory
 	@# do NOT name it "site-packages", but "support":
 	@cp -a env/lib/python2.7/site-packages support
 	@# remove compiled code files:
 	@find support -name "*.pyc" -exec rm {} \;
 	@find support -name "*.pyo" -exec rm {} \;
-	@# GAE offers jinja2, see app.yaml:
-	@rm -rf support/jinja2
 	@# documentation generation support not needed on GAE:
 	@rm -rf support/sphinx
 	@# package installers not needed/supported on GAE:

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 - url: /.*
   script: MoinMoin.appengine_main.application
-- name: jinja2
-  version: latest
+# We must include jinja2 in the support directory, so we can use the same
+# support tgz for both GAE and standalone local installations (both do not use
+# setup.py). Thus, we do not use the jinja2 GAE could provide.