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GAE: add some docs for moin store / whoosh backend

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    add kt store configuration example
+gae store
+* storage for use on google app engine (GAE)
+`uri` for `create_simple_mapping` looks like e.g.::
+    stores:gae:/%(nsname)s/%(kind)s
 memory store


     index_storage = kind, (p1, p2, ...), {kw1=..., kw2=..., ...}
-Currently, we only support the 'FileStorage' kind of index storage, which only
-has one parameter - the index directory::
+Currently, we support the following kinds of storages::
+Stores into a file system and just has one parameter - the index directory::
     index_storage = 'FileStorage', ("/path/to/moin-2.0/wiki/index", ), {}
-**Notes for FileStorage:**
 * The path MUST be absolute, writable and should be on a fast, local filesystem.
 * Moin will use `index.temp` directory as well, if you build an index at
 the `temporary location`.
+Stores into google app engine (GAE) storage, has no parameter::
+    index_storage = 'DatastoreStorage', (), {}
 moin index script reference