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 class UserSettingsOptionsForm(Form):
-    # TODO: if the checkbox in the form is checked, we get key: u'1' in the
-    # form data and all is fine. if it is not checked, the key is not present
-    # in the form data and flatland assigns None to the attribute (not False).
-    # If moin detects the None, it thinks this has not been set and uses its
-    # builtin defaults (for some True, for some others False). Makes
-    # edit_on_doubleclick malfunctioning (because its default is True).
     name = 'usersettings_options'
     mailto_author = Checkbox.using(label=L_('Publish my email (not my wiki homepage) in author info'))
     edit_on_doubleclick = Checkbox.using(label=L_('Open editor on double click'))