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File doc/manual/source/user_guide/CosmologicalInitialConditions.rst

      RefineRegionLeftEdge          = 0.15523 0.14551 0.30074
      RefineRegionRightEdge         = 0.38523 0.37551 0.53074
      NewCenterFloat                = 0.270230055 0.260508984 0.415739357
+     AutomaticSubgridBuffer        = 4
 MaximumInitialRefinementLevel indicates how many extra levels you want
 to generate (in this case two additional levels, or 3 in total,
 including the root grid).  The next two parameters
 (RefineRegionLeftEdge and RefineRegionRightEdge) describe the region
 to be refined.  The fourth (optional) parameter re-centers the grid on
-the halo to be resimulated.
+the halo to be resimulated.  The fifth parameter (AutomaticSubgridBuffer)
+indicates how many course cells should be added around each refined
 Once you have added these parameters, run inits once on the new
-parameter file.  It will give you a progress report as it runs (note
+parameter file in the standard way:  
+     inits [-d] MultiGridParameterFile
+It will give you a progress report as it runs (note
 that if MaximumInitialRefinementLevel is large, this can take a long
 time), and generate all of the necessary files (e.g.  GridDensity.0,
 GridDensity.1, etc.).
     Indicates that the final grid should be recenter so that this point
     is the new center (0.5 0.5 0.5) of the grid.
+    For multi-grid (nested) initial code generation (with the above
+    parameters).  This parameter controls how many coarse cells are
+    added around each refined region as buffer zones.  The value
+    of 1 is probably ok, but larger values (4?) are probably safer.
+    Default: 1
     All dimensions are specified as one to three numbers deliminated by
     spaces (and for those familiar with the KRONOS or ZEUS method of

File src/inits/AutomaticSubgridGeneration.C

 	/* Compute the start and end indices in the coarse level grid.   This is the
 	   bit of code which actually sets the size of the regions. */
-	StartIndex[dim] = max(int(LevelDims[dim]*Parameters->RefineRegionLeftEdge[dim])-1, 0);
-	EndIndex[dim] = int(LevelDims[dim]*Parameters->RefineRegionRightEdge[dim])+1;
+	StartIndex[dim] = max(int(LevelDims[dim]*Parameters->RefineRegionLeftEdge[dim]) - Parameters->AutomaticSubgridBuffer, 0);
+	EndIndex[dim] = int(LevelDims[dim]*Parameters->RefineRegionRightEdge[dim]) + Parameters->AutomaticSubgridBuffer;
 	/* Convert to the most refined level for start index. */

File src/inits/Parameters.h

   FLOAT RefineRegionRightEdge[3];
   int RefineBy;
   int MaximumInitialRefinementLevel;
+  int AutomaticSubgridBuffer;
   /* Boolean flags. */

File src/inits/ReadParameterFile.C

     ret += sscanf(line, "RefineBy = %"ISYM, &Parameters->RefineBy);
     ret += sscanf(line, "MaximumInitialRefinementLevel = %"ISYM, 
+    ret += sscanf(line, "AutomaticSubgridBuffer = %"ISYM, 
+		  &Parameters->AutomaticSubgridBuffer);
     if (sscanf(line, "ParticlePositionName = %s", dummy) == 1)

File src/inits/SetParameterDefaults.C

   Parameters->RefineBy = 2;
   Parameters->MaximumInitialRefinementLevel = INT_UNDEFINED;
+  Parameters->AutomaticSubgridBuffer = 1;
   return SUCCESS;