UnidecodeSharpFork is .NET library dll, written in C#.
It provides string or char extension method Unidecode() that returns transliterated string. It supports huge amount of languages.
And it's very easy to add your language if it's not supported already!

Example code

Take a look at the list of assertions:

Assert.AreEqual("Bei Jing ", "\u5317\u4EB0".Unidecode());
Assert.AreEqual("Rabota s kirillitsey", "Работа с кириллицей".Unidecode());
Assert.AreEqual("aouoAOUO", "äöűőÄÖŨŐ".Unidecode());
Assert.AreEqual("Hello, World!", "Hello, World!".Unidecode());
Assert.AreEqual("'\"\r\n", "'\"\r\n".Unidecode());
Assert.AreEqual("CZSczs", "ČŽŠčžš".Unidecode());
Assert.AreEqual("a", "ア".Unidecode());
Assert.AreEqual("a", "α".Unidecode());
Assert.AreEqual("a", "а".Unidecode());
Assert.AreEqual("chateau", "ch\u00e2teau".Unidecode());
Assert.AreEqual("vinedos", "vi\u00f1edos".Unidecode());


Original character transliteration tables on Perl:
2001, Sean M. Burke

Python code and later additions:
2011, Tomaz Solc

Original C# port:
2010, Oleg Ussanov